Green Mountain Maker School


Build an environment to encourage and facilitate the pursuits of makers, builders, and artists, by revitalizing Green Mountain College in Poultney, Vermont. This will include educational classes, activities, and workshops, communal and project-specific shop and studio space for visitors and members in residence, access to equipment purchased and maintained by the organization, and public and private events.


July 2020

  • Build a core team for planning and fundraising. Email us if you want to help!

  • Reach out to maker and artist communities to find founding members who can make a small investment and join the project when it launches

  • Seek out sources of large scale funding, such as donations, endowments, and investments

  • Consult with industry leaders in STEAM education and makerspace organization

  • Flesh out a realistic business plan

  • Pursue financing, taking into account committed funding from the previous steps

August 2020

  • Gather funds from all sources, including committed founding members

  • Purchase the property

  • Incorporation as a Vermont Domestic Nonprofit Corporation

  • Founding members elect board members

  • Initial filing for 501(c)(3) status

  • Additional discussions and information collection among the founding members

  • Further consultation with experts

  • Board members publish a plan for the first four months on-site

September 2020

  • Some board and founding members move on-site

  • Coordination of use of existing facilities

  • Acquisition of tools and equipment to repurpose some existing facilities

  • Begin planning and permitting for modifications and creation of new facilities

October - December 2020

  • Continuation of published plan

  • Develop admissions process for future members

  • Founding members pursue projects and make use of facilities

  • Permitting and construction underway

January 2021

  • First non-founding members admitted

  • First official classes to be held