This project is being launched in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Depending on the progression of this situation and the timeline of the project it is possible this will not be a significant concern. It is also possible, and likely, that some aspects of the project may be delayed or require adjustment. Some such adjustments and precautions may be as follows:


Resident members will be expected to observe prescribed safety precautions around those who do not share their residence, which is likely to be defined as one floor of a residence hall. This will include any state and city mandates, as well as rules established by the board for the safety of the residents and visitors.


Hands-on classes and workshops will require social distancing between students, and enhanced safety precautions when instructors must interact closely with students. Other classes will be held virtually, in spaces allowing for social distancing, outdoors, or be limited to single residence groups.


Shops, labs, and studios will be organized, and maximum capacity capped, such that users can maintain social distancing.