The goal of this project is to provide an environment to facilitate education and opportunities for adults to get hands-on experience with classic and modern fabrication technologies, to pursue artistic explorations, and to engage in collaborations with like-minded makers and doers. Below are just a few of the topics we want to cover in classes, hands-on workshops, and self-paced learning experiences, as well as provide facilities in which to pursue projects and art.

3D Printing and
Additive Fabrication

Sewing and
Fiber Arts

Coding and
Software Development

Welding and
Hot Metal Fabrication

Advanced and Applied Mathematics

Carpentry and

CNC Machining and
Subtractive Fabrication

Painting and

This is, of course, just a sample. The curriculum will be driven by the needs of the membership over time, as well as by the capabilities of available educators, both local and remote virtual.