Donate / Fund

Acquiring the property will cost ten to twenty million dollars at auction in mid-August 2020, with a $320k bid deposit due in advance. Non-educational operating expenses as a university were approximately three million dollars per year. To buy the property outright and pay expenses for two years to profitability, our maximum target funding is $26M. To put a down payment on a loan, we might need as little as $5M.

Through our founding membership efforts we hope to raise some fraction of the up front and ongoing costs, but those alone will not be enough. We need your help to make this idea a reality. What form that help might take is up to you. We are open to donations, including with benefits like naming rights for classrooms and buildings, or perks like a lifetime membership in the organization. We will be pursuing 501(c)(3) status, which will render your donation tax deductible if granted. We are open to investment and funding of various structures, including the possibility of some amount of control in the organization, up to a board seat.

If you want to help us succeed, or to get more detailed information, please email us at