Once the project is fully underway, admission for a monthly or yearly fee will be open to any applicant who wants to learn or make or do any of the myraid things we have facilities and classes for. Before that, we need to gauge interest and raise money to get started. That's where you come in, as a founding member.


  • Be among the first to gain access to the facility

  • A voice in deciding how to focus initial planning and build-out

    • what kinds of classes to organize

    • what workshops to equip or build

    • how to make use of the existing facilities

  • Priority choice of rooms, if you pursue a resident membership

  • Priority access to high-demand facilities, shops, tools, and classes in the future

  • Voting power in the election of three of the five directors

  • Financial return on your initial investment in the project when it succeeds


During the month of July 2020 we are pursuing this and other avenues to achieve our financial goals prior to launch, including donations and funding. If, at the end of July, we have found enough interest and support across every avenue we have explored, then we will ask everyone who has signed up as a founding member to make good on their commitment to contribute to our initial funding. The minimum amount of initial investment for a founding member is one thousand dollars. When the project reaches financial solvency, this investment will be repaid with interest. If we lose the auction, it will be returned immediately.

Ongoing membership and admission costs have yet to be determined. At this time it is expected that membership will be in the neighborhood of $300 per month, plus an additional $600 per month for optional on-campus residence that may be restricted to members participating in some minimum amount of our educational endeavors.

Register your interest

If you want to be part of bringing this project to life, and to join us in using and reshaping the facilities in late 2020 and early 2021, please fill out this form.